What to Say to a Porcupine

The new book and training program that will have you

laughing all the way to great service!

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Meet author Rich Gallagher, LMFT


Rich Gallagher is much more than a very funny guy. Even though he is a very funny guy. Rich is an experienced customer service executive with a track record of dramatically “turning around” the performance of customer contact operations, a noted business author, and one of America’s leading authorities on communications skills, customer service, and workplace culture. Read more about Rich below!

How many people major in engineering and psychology in college? Someone who wants to build bridges that talk people out of jumping off of them? No, someone who takes a great interest - and great joy - in the mechanics of how we communicate in the workplace. Today Rich has a national platform as the person who put the “science” into how we interact with customers and each other.


A former customer support executive and a practicing psychotherapist, Rich led one major West Coast startup to become a major NASDAQ firm as its director of customer services, and later led another 24/7 call center operation to near-perfect customer satisfaction ratings and near-zero turnover. Today he has since become one of the world’s leading figures in workplace communications skills:


· Author of nine nationally-published books, including two #1 customer service bestsellers and four top 50 communications skills books.


· Rich’s training and development firm Point of Contact Group has now trained over 25000 people worldwide how to communicate better in the workplace, in areas ranging from customer service to coaching and workplace conflict.


· A veteran of numerous speaking engagements, conference keynotes, and media appearances, Rich is also the subject matter expert for the American Management Association’s successful Communication Bootcamp program.


In writing What to Say to a Porcupine, Rich borrows from the tradition of Aesop’s Fables and the genre of popular business bestsellers like Who Moved My Cheese to create a book that will help everyone who deals with the public laugh, learn, and succeed in ways they never thought possible!


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Want to learn more about Rich! Visit him at the Point of Contact Group, or contact us about speaking engagements, media appearances, quote sourcing, or in-house training programs. Unlike the Chilly Willy character in his new book, he’d love to hear from you!